Snyttru: Law & IT

Websites are so much more than just appearance.

Think big, start small

Many ideas start with a simple web page. They evolve into complex systems with evergrowing demands. One often wants not just a page, but also the option to subscribe to newsletters, track their visitor statistics in accordance with the latest EU regulation, contact forms for visitors, content management systems to publish news articles, integration with existing services. Fast & secure.

All-round help

Snyttru can help you with much more than designing your website (although we can also do just that for you). We help you with designing your IT infrastructure from the ground up in accordance with the latest technologies and legal requirements.

We can assist you, amongst others, with legal requirements concerning the storing and processing of personal data, give trainings to your employees for your new content management or analytics system, secure your email and much more.

We can't do it all

We focus on helping anyone. If you're a small business, foundation or just an individual, we'll be able to cater to your needs. And if we can't help you, we might be able to find you a suitable partner that will. We can tag along the way and translate your demands to your desired end product.

Contact us immediately or scroll down to get more details on what we do.

Security & speed

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

We don't deliver any website without a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. Let's Encrypt allows anyone to have an affordable secure website. With the certificate, all communication between the visitor and the server is encrypted. All for free.


Snyttru's host, TransIP, maintains high quality servers right around the corner in Amsterdam (and they're 100% CO2-neutral). We make sure your website, if necessary, is cached, code is minimized and pictures are optimized. We do everything to achieve that 100% Google PageSpeed score.

Design & UI


Surely websites are not just appearance, but looks matter. We understand that you want a website that fits your business: whether you're a consultant, non-profit or just want a simple blog, a first impression lasts. We'll think side-by-side and conform to existing house styles when designing your website.

User interface

A picture can speak a thousand words. The right tune can move the soul. And, a well-developed user interface can make or break your website (Cab Forward). We make your website fool proof: any visitor should be able to navigate your website, send you an email or order a product without a problem.

Analytics & optimization

Analyze your users

User demands change, ideas don't work out and pages are not visited: we measure, analyse and report your web statistics to you via Google Analytics. We integrate the extensive tools of Google Analytics with every website we deliver. Cookie bar included.

Optimize your systems

Do you want more visitors to be attracted to a certain page, product or post? We optimize your website and content (SEO) to increase traffic to and direct traffic on your website. Either as a sustainable service (monthly subscription) or a one-time project. And always no cure no pay.

Legal advice and other

Legal advice

We are aware of the most recent privacy regulations. Do you need any information on the old DPD or do you want to check your current IT processes on compatibility with the new GDPR? Do you have a data breach and need someone to investigate? Just send us a message.

We can also help with small tax and administrative law related cases. We have succesfully won cases related to government allowances (toeslagen), local parking tickets and FOIA (Wob) cases.


Do you want us to help you with an IT project? Or do you need someone to evaluate your IT infrastructure? We work with students to keep your costs low and to give you a fresh perspective on old processes. Challenge us!